23 Oct

Bavarian Rum

The Lantenhammer Distillery was the client for this project. The team from this inter-generational company describes itself as “creative minds producing pure quality day after day”. We can certainly attest to that fact! The people and the idyllic location above

23 Oct

Pfanner Williams

“Spirits of elegant purity, combining an intense bite with delicate harmony, and with a typically fruity character. That is the fine art of spirits and exquisite specialities.” Those are the words of the Pfanner Private Distillery . website. Telling us

23 Oct

Rick Gin

“Rick” is a premium organic gin. Pure craftsmanship using purely organic ingredients. Only the finest quality raw materials and contents may be used in a Rick Gin. The company places strong emphasis on origin (everything is regional) and sustainability. Rick

5 Nov


Seeking a self-determined way of life, three connoisseurs teamed up to found “Windspiel” in Germany’s mountainous Eifel region in 2008. The rest, as they say, is German spirits history ‒ and there’s really nothing else like it. As proven by

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