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Glass in its countless facets and seemingly inexhaustible versatility called to us. Rightly so. We devote all our energy to manufacturing and selling glass packaging and everything that goes with it. Every day we strive to put our decades of experience, ultra-modern production techniques and up-to-date expert knowledge at your service. It’s the only way to guarantee the best advice and manufacture of your product.



Glass in all its facetsfor over 50 years
We at CRISTALLO are proud to look back on many years of experience in the manufacture and trade of glass products. Three generations of Wratschko family members have dedicated themselves to this challenging field, most recently Arnold Wratschko Junior. Our story began in the 1950s under the name Bottlescenter Süd. A comprehensive range of bottles for wine, spirits, sparkling wines, oils, beer laid the foundation for the further development of the company, which expanded to meet the flourishing popularity of Styrian wine. Soon enough, elegant wine glasses were also complementing our collection.
The CRISTALLO brand emerged in the early 1990s, focussing on high-quality wine glasses. The CRISTALLO Classic and CRISTALLO Event series have been equally highly regarded by private individuals as well as winegrowers, event organisers and gastronomers. The development of a new market through the CRISTALLO Nobless glass series fostered a new understanding of glasses. By expanding our range and restructuring the lines CRISTALLO Mio and CRISTALLO Nobless, CRISTALLO was perfectly placed to do justice to international demand. In 2014 the decision was made to rebrand our bottle and packaging expertise under the name CRISTALLO. It may be new, but the quality remains the same. Service and commitment have always formed an integral part of CRISTALLO - and that hasn't changed one bit. The only thing that's new is a revolutionary product series.
Individuality and uniqueness are what we stand for. This is symbolised in the name: UNICO, now synonymous with uniqueness in the field of glass packaging. Years of experience in glass packaging production and commerce – primarily bottles and glasses – has resulted in a fully bespoke product series. We as the Wratschko family are extremely proud of this development. Without our competent team, this story would have turned out very differently. We realise that. That's why we place great value on partnership, not only within the company itself, but also with the customers and clients with whom we have enjoyed a long and successful collaboration. We are incredibly proud of that.
The individual bottle? We create your very own bespoke bottle.
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