Water bottles

Glass water bottles are booming right now. And quite rightly so, as no other type of bottle offers this many advantages. Your health and the environment will thank you if you opt for glass water bottles.

Apart from the cool and contemporary appearance of a glass water bottle, the numerous advantages of glass leave us in absolutely no doubt as to whether you should get yourself a glass bottle or an environmentally-damaging PET one. Glass bottles are reusable; possibly one of the weightiest arguments in favour of the material. Glass bottles do not release any substances – any at all – into their contents. This property is called being inert. It’s a huge consideration, health-wise. In liquids contained in aluminium or plastic, traces of the packaging material can always be found. And who wants to drink plastic or aluminium? Glass is fundamentally resistant to scratching. Of course, glass can break, but most water bottles are very stable and can forgive being dropped now and again. Besides, shards are said to bring good luck. Glass bottles have a temperature-regulating effect on their contents; plastics and metal warm contents significantly faster.

The key advantage of glass bottles for your daily water needs is, however, its sheer usability. This is primarily due to its stability and robustness. High-quality bottles also feature openings that are shatter-proof and precisely crafted, ensuring that the bottle remains impermeable for a long time. A particularly essential factor to consider if want to carry these bottles around with you. The second essential factor as to why glass bottles are so useful: they are easy to clean and any residue can be removed, whatever was inside. The reason for this lies in the inert properties of glass. A high-quality and thick-walled bottle can also withstand high temperatures in the dishwasher. The same goes for the closures, which are usually very cheap. So if you lose a closure or it isn’t as “waterproof” any more, you can easily replace it.

Form and function
Depending on where and how it will be used, a water bottle needs to meet different requirements. Is it going to be sitting in an office day in, day out, supplying you with enough fluids to cope with stressful everyday life? Or is it going to be carried about with you through thick and thin? Do you want to ban plastic bottles from your home once and for all? Should your bottle also fit in your fridge? Or do you just want to keep your water fresh on your beautifully laid table, using a vessel that is new and different? Your requirements will determine what kind of bottle is right for you. If shape is the deciding factor, then there’s no beating a glass bottle for water. We’re thinking particularly of gastronomy here. The stylish range of options and countless closure options make it the perfect water bottle for your restaurant or bar.

Storage, etc.
In terms of storage too, the advantages of glass are clear as day. In winter, your water bottle might give way to vessels for hot drinks. Not a problem! Simply clean the bottle and store it in a cupboard or on a shelf. The bottle won’t take on any odours as other containers do when stored in sealed, airtight areas away from fresh air. Dust won’t bother glass bottles either. In spring, simply pop it in the dishwasher, and it’s good to go all over again. If several bottles are in use and space is getting tight, again, no problem. Water bottles are easy to stack. If you want to enhance the durability of your water bottles, simply lay a piece of newspaper between each one. This provides extra protection for the surfaces.
So. If you are now convinced that a glass water bottle is the right choice for you, why not browse our range?

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