Styrian wine

Styrian wine and the region of Styria itself (Genussregion Steiermark, or Gourmet Region Styria) are celebrated around the world. Our Steiermark collection cuts across all our product lines, combining first-rate quality with true Styrian authenticity.

A heart for wine
Wine is at the centre of the line, of course. That’s why wine glasses are the flagship products of the “Steiermark Glass” collection. Two different wine glasses are currently on the market. Their similarities? Superlative glass quality, robustness and suitability for use in the dishwasher. These features characterise all our products ‒ and of course this goes for the “Steiermark Collection” wine glasses too. Possibly our most versatile all-rounder is the “Catering” model. A tried-and-tested white wine glass that meets all professional gastronomic requirements, with a versatile array of uses. For “larger” white wines and fresh reds, we recommend the “Noblesse”: a perfectly shaped head-turner on any table or bar. Both glasses bear the “Steiermak Heart” on the right.

Water into wine
The ideal partner for Steiermark wine glasses are products from our “water glass lines”. Here, we have opted for a compact tumbler, which complements our Steiermark wine glasses perfectly shape-wise. Its name: Aqua Styria. A stable base and an ideal fill height make it the perfect match for white wine glasses. And where does the water for this tumbler come from? Why, the “Steiermark” carafe, of course. A thick-walled angled neck carafe makes pouring easy, even at fully laid tables. The tumbler and the carafe also bear the Steiermark Heart.
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