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At CRISTALLO, we don’t just view wine as a drink. To us, it’s a life philosophy. Vintners are more than mere winemakers to us; they are artists. Virtuosos in the vineyards and cellars. That’s why we have always worked hard to support winegrowers in what they do. The minute the topic of glass crops up in your company, we would be delighted if you thought of us. Why? Because we understand glass culture from a holistic perspective.

That, and because it is our core competence. Let’s start with bottles. Since 1980 we have enjoyed supplying wonderful bottles to showcase Austrian red and white wines across the country. We have pursued development of this branch over the last few years. Some trends have come and gone. Others have taken root. We have adapted every time. Requirements may change. And of course CRISTALLO has naturally changed with it.



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Only the best is good enough

Our quality standards have not changed at all. We believe in meeting and exceeding quality standards. For this reason we have completely restructured our range of bottles. We don't want to talk about technical norms and break resistance. Everybody does that. We'd rather talk about the countless shapes available in our standard range. Take a look at our wine bottle collection and see for yourself: our standards are in no way ordinary.

More individual than ever before

The CRISTALLO UNICO project has enabled us to completely redefine the limits of what is possible in product design. Dive into the world of UNICO to see what individuality really means. We don't want to presume anything, but we just have to say one thing about our new heartfelt project: your very own, bespoke wine bottle is just a few clicks away.

Customised quote

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Specially set prices for winegrowers. These individual conditions apply to:
  • Winegrowers
  • Master brewers
  • Oil producers
  • Master distillers
  • Sparkling wine producers

Your glass series

If you wish to present your wines in a fully personalised glass series, simply send us your query. Printing glass has long ceased to be something that is only available for big batch orders.

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Logo, name, symbols – just as you please. We will carry out the printing quickly, easily and cost-efficiently from a minimum quantity of 200. If you think we could be of service, please don't hesitate to
contact us. We look forward to hearing from you! Ask now

Glass series for indulgence

In addition to our range of wine bottles, the Mio and Nobless wine glass series continue to form an important part of our collection. Both the classic Mio series and the more modern Nobless series stand out for their fine minimalist design. The price/performance ratio is always very persuasive too.


Sauvignon Blanc Glass

We would particularly like to point out the newest addition to the range. We have taken our best all-round glass and identified it as "the best" glass for Styrian white wine. Our NOBLESS Sauvignon Blanc now displays the sobriquet Steiermark Edition as well as the Styrian heart. This special edition is available now from our shop. For larger order quantities, please contact us directly.

Glasses at a glance

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The individual bottle? We create your very own bespoke bottle.
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