The debate about the perfect spirits glass has raged for almost as long as liquors have existed. But the answer is not so hard to find, as numerous scientific studies on this subject have recently shown. Spirits just want to be enjoyed correctly.

The perfect spirits glass
Only a narrow, pear-shaped spirits glass can guarantee perfect enjoyment. The glass of choice has a round belly that narrows towards the top and flares out slightly at the rim. Only this way can the sophisticated notes of the product unfold gently and caress the nose of the connoisseur. The narrow mouth opening doesn’t let much oxygen into the beverage, guaranteeing full and lasting enjoyment right down to the last drop. The rich aromas of distilled specialities come together beautifully in this shape of glass and let the fine bouquet hit the nose at just the right intensity. Enjoyment that is simply second to none.

Spirits glass v tumblers
But why is the spirits glass preferred over the tumbler? With its sturdy shape, the classic tumbler offers an excessively large evaporation surface. This often leads to the sharpness of the alcohol being unpleasantly overemphasised, consequently clouding enjoyment. The fragrance is allowed to develop beautifully, but this is impaired by the bite of the alcohol.
In addition, aromas evaporate more swiftly due to the tumbler’s large opening, which again diminishes the pleasure. Cupping the glass in your hand also helps to bring some spirits to a pleasantly warm temperature, so a spirits glass is preferable in this respect too.
High-quality distillates deserve a high-quality glass
Our finely crafted spirits glasses can last for decades if cared for properly. The purity of the glass surface provides a clear view of the distillate. A good brandy will taste significantly better when drunk from the perfect spirits glass. When you sample a distillate, produced from the best ingredients and matured to achieve the perfect balance, then it is only fitting to set high standards for the glass you drink it from too. Our spirits glasses are also suitable for enjoying many spirits: fruit brandies, calvados, armagnac, rum, cognac and whisky can all benefit from the special shape of our spirits glasses and develop to their finest point.
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(1) Filling a glass correctly

Cognac is a strong brandy, matured in an oak barrel under the experienced eye of its distiller. Given its sharpness, it is not only important to choose the right cognac glass, but also not to pour too much into it. About 2 cl is plenty.


(2) Cognac balloon or cognac glass?

It was previously thought that the classic cognac balloon delivered optimum enjoyment. Experts and connoisseurs were all agreed: the big-bellied shape of the cognac balloon allows its aromas to unfold perfectly. Now these very same experts have ruefully revised their opinion. Countless blind tests have shown that the modern cognac glass is considerably better than the classic cognac snifter, which gives the liquid too much surface area and causes the sharpness of the alcohol to dominate. For this reason, a smaller and narrower cognac glass was designed to encourage the refined notes of wood and caramel to blossom. Ascending from a larger bell, it narrows a little before opening into a slightly fluted rim, and takes a bit of sharpness away from every cognac. This newly developed glass is ideal for ultimate brandy enjoyment.


(3) Proper maintenance for cognac glasses

Ideally, a cognac glass should be rinsed in warm water straight after use and left to drain upside down. As a good host, however, one cannot keep disappearing into the kitchen every time there’s an empty glass on the table. As a result, brown flecks on the glass surface may harden and prove difficult to remove. To make things easier the next morning, you should fill the cognac glasses with warm water overnight so that no residue can set. The use of harsh chemicals is of course inadvisable. Even the use of ordinary washing-up liquid is not recommended, as residue may stick to the glass surface and permanently affect the aroma of the brandy. After rinsing with warm water, it is advisable to stand the cognac glass upside down on a fresh dishcloth to drain. This will prevent troublesome chalky residue and streaks from occurring. Follow these simple maintenance and cleaning tips for your cognac glasses and they will last a lifetime.

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