Spirits bottle

Spirits bottles

Schnapps, geist, spirits, liquor, brandy, distilled spirits – whatever the term, what really counts is that both the content and the packaging (the bottle) radiate outstanding quality.

Incredible number of types
We are proud to present one of our biggest product ranges in the category of spirits bottles. Rightly so, as each and every product ultimately deserves equally special packaging. Spirits are distilled: either must (fermented natural substance) is distilled, or the raw material is made by macerating fruit in alcohol and then distilling it. The purer and better quality the ingredients, the finer and more aromatic the final product.
Fortunately, this vast mass of various strong spirits can be divided into categories. Fruit brandies are distilled from fermented juices, for example apple, pear or apricot. Grain-based liquors are known as “Korn”, while Tresterbrand (grape pomace brandy), Weinbrand (brandy) and Traubenbrand (grape schnapps) are made from wine or its by-products. These also include cognac or grappa, which is actually made from the leftover pomace in winemaking. Whisky and vodka are also distilled spirits.

A wealth of shapes and colours
In order to present all these different specialities fittingly, an assortment of bottle shapes is required. There are traditional bottle shapes for all varieties. From miniature bottles to fine spirits bottles, from tall and slender to short and squat – our range of spirits bottles is certain to offer the right glass packaging for your product. The basic function of the spirits bottle is to showcase the content in an appealing way. Protective functions are usually not as high on the agenda. That said, spirits bottles are still available in all sorts of colours, albeit purely for design purposes. You’ve got everything, from browns to classic green tones.
Clear glass bottles are often selected for clear liquors or for liquids bursting with intense colour. Our range has opted for standard colours, which are also used as a basis for meeting any colour request using a wide variety of techniques.
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Fine brandy from pure fruit

Closures& shapes
Spirits bottles are traditionally topped with stoppers or screw caps, although nowadays virtually any kind of closure system can be seen on high-quality distillates. When it comes to shape, spirits bottles know virtually no bounds, ranging from classic types to more angular versions. Highly creative bespoke forms are now also emerging on the market, although we tend to favour rather more simple, elegant lines. Timelessness is our topmost aim, evident in our range of spirits bottles, whether for gin, whisky, vodka or brandy. A spirits bottle should be worthy of its often extremely high-quality content. Naturally, then, it is the job of product design to come up with a suitably sumptuous bottle and label design. After all, what would a whisky, a gin or a sophisticated fruit brandy be like without the packaging to match? The current trend for heavy, thick-walled bottles with embossing, direct printing or even sleeving can be seen mainly in the field of fine distillates. First impressions are vital; this is what turns a browser into a potential consumer and buyer.   It should not go unmentioned that international design competitions are held every year to select the most stunning designs in the field of fine spirits. We would love to win an award of this kind. Maybe your project could help us do it?

The individual bottle? We create your very own bespoke bottle.
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