beer bottles

Beer bottles

Since the start of the 20th century, it's been something that beer enthusiasts can't imagine life without: the beer bottle.

The history of beer bottles
Previously sold more in barrels, since the start of the last century evolving consumer habits have lead to more and more breweries filling their hoppy creations in bottles featuring the most varied of closure systems. Initially equipped predominantly with the once again very trendy swing-top caps, beer bottles soon saw these ousted by the more affordable crown cork. In German-speaking countries, the small, brown and stable 330 ml beer bottle known as the Steinieform (also Stubbi) was introduced in 1953. By the end of the 1980s, the so-called Euro bottle was well-established as standard for 0.5 litres. A switch to the NRW beer bottle in the Vichy shape was due to modernity and design reasons.

Beer boom
If there’s one thing to thank the current boom in the craft beer scene for, it’s the unbelievable variety of beer bottle shapes. Traditionally a 0.5 litre bottle in green or brown, right now the sky’s the limit when it comes to shape. Whether large bottles with cork stoppers or swing-top caps, 0.33 litre bottles or even “twist-and-drink closures”, it would seem that the conceivable is indeed feasible. Contrary to beer industry trends, which have recently been leaning primarily towards elegant long necks, the alternative beer scene shows a marked preference for reviving classic beer bottle shapes.

The task of a beer bottle
Fundamentally, beer bottles must satisfy similar requirements to other drinks bottles.
Let’s start with stability. Due to the carbon dioxide in the beer, bottles must be able to withstand a certain internal pressure, which can range from 18° to 40 bar. UV protection is essential – nobody wants to taste the notorious lightstruck flavour, produced when the bitter agents from the hops degrade to form 3-methyl-2-butene-1-thiol. As a result, beer bottles are mostly produced in dark, muted colours. We have optimised our range to the following basic tones: antique and white. Here’s a fun fact: brown bottles exhibit better UV protection than green. As a result, even beers that can be stored in bottles for long periods tend to be found in brown vessels. In many countries, beer bottles are recyclable and it is only in the last few years that the proportion of disposable beer bottles has shot up. The bottles in our range can be used in both fields, although the focus lies on disposable beer bottles for reasons of weight optimisation.
The perfectly designed beer bottle
We offer a vast variety of product design options for beer bottles. One thing is clear: our CRISTALLO UNICO line can do justice to any design. Whether a customised shape, closure, surface design, embossing, printing, whether small 0.2 litre beer bottles or opulent large vessels, there is nothing to stop you making your own personal vision a reality.
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The tingle of indulgence

A uniquebrew
Beer consists of hops, water but above all your ideas. This whips up a truly unique brew. Even before the first sip is taken, it is the bottle that provides the first flavour of what's to come. We always strive to take this into account. There are lots of beer bottles out there, including CRISTALLO beer bottles too. However, ours outrank the rest of the pack in a couple of important aspects. At this point we don't want to talk to you about weight optimisation, breakage resistance or lightstruck flavour - you can correctly assume that we meet the highest standards in all these respects. What makes our products so special is the flexibility and individuality with which we try to implement your ideas.

Basic decision

It all starts with one of the basic shapes from our selected range. Size and capacity play less of a role here, as we have the right bottle for any beer volume. This is where things get really exciting. The countless shape options make the choice difficult for you but easy for us to convince you to pick CRISTALLO.

The freedom of shape

Shapes, colours, embossing, closure variants, lacquering – it doesn't matter. We don't put limits on creativity. Instead, we encourage your imagination. You'll particularly love the fact that this wealth of options for your bespoke beer bottle is possible from a quantity of just 1,000. So you see we don't only talk about customised solutions. We really mean it.

The individual bottle? We create your very own bespoke bottle.
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