An average adult needs two to three litres of water per day. Reason enough to start thinking about the glass from which it is consumed.

Water glasses for any occasion
Water glasses are available in all sorts of colours and shapes, and are unquestionably one of the most commonly used household utensils around the world. There are smart and not-so-smart water glasses in every home, but it is the occasion that determines which ones make it onto the table. In high-end gastronomy, an elegant dinner complete with fine wine and gourmet food demands the more attractive water glass with a stem. This kind of water glass resembles a wine glass, the difference being that the pulled stem is somewhat shorter. In every good gastronomy business, a glass of water is of course served with certain drinks such as wine or coffee.

Crystal-clear glass for crystal-clear water
Our top-quality water glasses are extremely resistant and shatter-proof in order to cope with the demands of frequent use. The high-quality glass surface loses nothing of its shine even despite regular cleaning in the dishwasher. Although water glasses are available to buy in all colours, we have opted for ones which look as pure as the water itself. Deliberately avoiding coloured glass gives us a clear view of the content and intensifies our drinking enjoyment.
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(1) Separating wedged glasses

Water glasses are usually found in the home in greater numbers than other glasses. As kitchen space normally isn’t enough, we often succumb to the temptation to stack these glasses inside one another. They then get wedged together and can only be separated by exerting great force. Sometimes one might even break. To make them easier to separate, fill the topmost glass with cold water and place the bottom one in warm water.


(2) Proper maintenance for water glasses

Frequently used glass types such as water glasses often end up in the dishwasher. This saves time and water, but is much more detrimental than a mild hand wash. Water glasses out of the dishwasher chalk up very easily. This glass corrosion clouds the glass and is difficult to remedy. If you do use the dishwasher, take care to open the door straight after the cycle finishes as the steam permanently clouds the water glasses. If it’s too late and the surface has already corroded, vinegar and citric acid can work miracles. Simply spread them out on a dry cloth and polish the glass with it.

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