Kiendler seed oil

The Kiendler family has been producing seed oil in their traditional mill for over 300 years. Their experience is evident in every mouthful, and is reflected in the products’ high quality standards and natural flavour. As a regional business, they use exclusively Styrian pumpkin seeds. The family has received acclaim for the high quality of their oil in the form of numerous awards. A must for true gourmets.
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Oil bottle

Client: Paul Kiendler

Individual bottle shape KIENDLER
The specially created bottle features a down-to-earth design and conveys the traditional roots of the company. The mill's foundation date has been embossed on the bottle.

  • embossing "since 1696"
  • bespoke design
  • printed closure
  • special pourer
  • dark glass
  • 250 ml / 500 ml
A stream ofseed oil
The Kornmühle (grain mill) still exists and mills the finest flour from regional grain varieties. The oil mill is now globally renowned for its "Original Styrian Seed Oil". Double roasting the seeds and a mild processing approach make Kiendler oils a regular feature in high-end gastronomy, as Paul Kiendler Jr. tells us.
How would you sum up the eventful history of your company?
"A Landmühle (land mill) was created from the former ship mill. Then came an oil mill and because it was just emerging, we also generated power and supplied it to electrify the area."
Your seed oil has become a genuine Styrian export success, hasn't it?
"You could say that. Our oil can be found in high-end gastronomy, as well as in the private households of connoisseurs all over the world."

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Does the new premium bottle have anything to do with the export of Styrian Gold?
"Partly, yes. Essentially, we wanted a bottle that would make our product stand out in this competitive market. A bottle that communicated the quality of the oil non-verbally via the product design, so to speak. That way, the bottle can go anywhere."
What makes the bottle so special, do you think?
"The embossing on the lower part of the neck. It immortalises our foundation date, 1696. And then certainly the practical screw cap. We also ordered this Cristallo bottle in two different sizes: the half litre bottle that scores in the German-speaking market and the identically shaped quarter litre version which is our star in Asia."
More about the traditional oil mill can be found in our video or on the website Familie Kiendler.