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Healthy vines grow on healthy soil. For more than 30 years now, the organic vineyard Zillinger in Velm-Götzendorf has trusted this principle and the results speak for themselves. Natural green areas, home-made compost used as fertiliser and Nature left in peace to do her job. The grapes from the Zillinger organic vineyard give the word “natural” a whole new meaning. Fine organic wines mature in large barrels in the earth cellar on the Kellerberg: breathtaking and vibrant aromas that mean you can almost taste Nature in every drop.
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Red wine bottle

Client: Johannes Zillinger

Bespoke bottle shape ZILLINGER
This custom-made bottle type widens towards the top before narrowing considerably just before the neck. Combined with very dark glass and a special deep base, this specially made bottle is a real feast for the eyes.

  • 750 ml
  • custom-made bottle
  • dark colour
  • special deep base
Not themainstream
At Zillinger, everything is a little different to what you might expect. Just as Zillinger Sr. was a trailblazer in organic vineyard matters 30 odd years ago, so too is his son Johannes today. Johannes greets us at their historical earth cellar to tell us a little more about their house wines and the principles they are guided by:
Why organic?
"Not because it's all the rage at the moment, but because we've been doing it for 30 years. And because it's better for us, for our children, our environment, our water and ultimately for our wines."

Where do you see the biggest difference, which consumers also notice?
"If you work on healthy soil in the vineyard, you get healthy vines, which produces more exciting wines. And most of all, if you let the good things simply take their course in the cellar." This doesn't sound like the typical vintner approach! "It's just the way we want to do it. It's important to us. We're not so interested in whether other people do things differently."  

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And because your wines stand out, the bottle should as wel?
"Absolutely. We wanted something resembling the bottles from the French region of Jura. But of course we had our own ideas as regards neck length, shoulder height, etc."

And all that was quite straightforward?
"To begin with it wasn't feasible, as we don't need big quantities. Then we came across CRISTALLO. It was clear from the very first second that they were exactly what we were looking for."

Now your whole range uses this specially designed bottle, is that right?
"Yes, all our wines are now filled in our "own" bottle."

To learn more about the organic vineyard, please take a look at the interview or simply visit the website Bioweingut Zillinger