CRISTALLO UNICO consistently gives us the freedom to implement our vision of "one-of-a-kind glass packaging". Completely redefining the limits of product design in production runs of 10,000 units.

The sky’s the limit
Glass flows, and so do the boundaries of CRISTALLO UNICO. No idea is too outlandish, no concept inconceivable. CRISTALLO UNICO gives you the freedom to shape your design as you wish.

Bespoke shapes, countless colours, lacquering, foiling, different sizes and qualities – anything is possible when it comes to ensuring individuality. All available in small quantities too. That is our pledge. For hundreds of years, glass has been the first choice for presenting food and luxury goods in an appealing package.
As unique as your product
But glass is so much more than this. It can be moulded. It can be shaped. CRISTALLO UNICO offers you the chance to finally make the most of the infinite range of possibilities afforded by glass. After all, your fantastic product deserves to be presented in the best possible light – and it all starts with the packaging. It’s this packaging that ultimately embodies the product into which you have poured so much time and effort. It’s what sculpts image and shapes how it feels. It is simply vital to convey this passion. Your product tells a unique story. And CRISTALLO UNICO helps you tell it.
Bespoke shapes Dreaming of an exclusive shape for your bottles? Time to wake up. Individuality has never been so easy.
How you close or seal your product is entirely your call. There are no limits to the kinds of Closures we can use: cork, screw cap, glass closure, swing top closure, etc.
Using our basic colours as a starting point, we can conjure up any colour you may wish. Whether it’s a case of adjusting the shade slightly or creating something entirely new, we’re ready to get started.
Wonderful glass packaging – but unfortunately not in “your” size? That won’t happen here. Our range caters for all established sizes. Try us out!
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Unico Flasche X verschlussformen & Mündungen >300 Formen 5000 Stück 1 Mio. Farben 14 Basisfarben

327 Types of closures
& finishes

Don't think that just because we've mentioned the word “closure” that it all ends there. The possibilities regarding the perfect closure system are practically endless.

>300 shapes

Our mould set gives you – purely mathematically – as many as 300 different designs. So you are free to combine them however you please or set us the challenge of doing so, and together we will establish the perfect shape for your bottle.

10,000 pieces

Customised glass packaging is always a question of economy and quantity. But not with us! We are happy to get your CRISTALLO UNICO project started from a minimum quantity of 10,000 units. Second-to-none individuality and unbeatable cost effectiveness. That's our promise!

1 million colours

Colour scales are a thing of the past.
We can implement the colours you have in mind for your product.

14 basic colors

Extra white, White, Half-white (greenish tinge), Half-white (turquoise tinge), Antique, Quercia (brighter antique), Noble green (brighter antique), Black, Brow, Feuille morte (Gold), Light Blue, Blue, Emerald green, Champagne green, Olive green
Seven steps Seven steps to creating absolute individuality in your glass packaging. Our experts - and you - shape the ideal result based on your vision and requirements, following our tried-and-tested exclusive design process. CRISTALLO UNICO – just as the name suggests. „Do I want a completely unique bottle shape or should I choose from among the wide variety of basic shapes?“ Our trusted process process continues. We flesh out the initial rough sketch to develop a technical drawing that demonstrates shapes and proportions as well as possible embossings or other applications. Then it's time for the next question: „Does this technical drawing meet all the requirements?“ In this step, we bring in the third dimension, either in the form of a production dummy or a product sample. In any case, you'll be given something solid and tangible to examine. Then there are two more questions to answer: „What colour should my bottle be and what finishing do I want?“ At this point we will discuss chromaticity and finishing touches. We don't stick to colour scales here. You specify the colour and that's it. What about whether your bottle should be direct printed, lacquered or foiled? We simply can't list all the options… Once this step has been completed, your vision has become reality. Your new, bespoke glass packaging can shine forth. Beautiful and unique. UNICO. UNICO.

The finishing touches to your product.

After selecting the ideal bottle shape, things at CRISTALLO get really exciting. Particularly when it comes to giving your product the perfect finishing. We make every effort to implement your ideas in this respect as well - after all, your product deserves to stand out from the rest. A cute design or a couple of remarkable details may help. Original colours, lacquering, foiling, direct printing, closures - anything is possible when it comes to ensuring individuality.

Looking for a limited edition?
We can produce these in small batches too. That is our pledge. See for yourself!
7 Steps to individual glass packaging. Using your vision and requirements as the foundation, our experts will build the ideal result.