One of mankind's most beautiful innovations is the drinking glass. A glass from which we consume all manner of beverages. Glasses are now available in virtually every conceivable shape and optimised to enhance whatever liquid they are designed to contain.

Whether water, beer, wine, spirits or something entirely different, there are ideal glasses to suit every purpose. They have been designed based on the results of numerous scientific investigations which explain the physical benefits behind a certain shape.
Of course, an appealing design also plays an important role. After all, every glass of water, beer or wine should not only be a pleasure for the taste buds, but also a feast for the eyes and hands. In essence, glasses are divided into various main groups according to their function. These are water glasses, beer glasses, sparkling wine glasses, wine glasses and spirits glasses.
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Water glasses: The water glass is the simplest form of the drinking glass. As it does not need to support many aromas, the sky's the limit as far as product design is concerned. Our range encompasses shapely, simple, modern lines, with glasses intended to tread the fine line between current trends and agelessness. If you happen to drop one, no matter - our glasses are available at very attractive prices. Learn more on our glasses page.

Wine glasses: No dining table is complete without them. We have spent many years honing our glasses, which eventually gave rise to the Nobless and Mio series. These are stately families that cut quite a dash as individual items or as a full series. While the Mio series consists of curved glasses, the Nobless series strikes a rather straight silhouette. Both series are a cut above ordinary glassware, and there is no drama if a glass happens to break. Our glasses also look very appealing, and the price is highly persuasive. More information and order options can be found on our page on wine glasses.
Spirits glasses: Spirits glasses are a science. Together with universities, we have spent many years researching how to get the ephemeral aromas of a fine distillate straight into the consumer's nose as unadulterated as possible. The optimum glass shape is yet to come, although we are already very close with our range of glasses for strong spirits. Whether you prefer classic shapes or favour modern and purist lines, we are sure to have the right glass for you. See for yourself on our page for spirits glasses.

Sparkling wine glasses: The sparkling wine glass. Opinion is divided as to the question of coupe or flute form: the choice between the champagne saucer or a tall, slim glass is simply a matter of taste. The fact is: we believe in the shape of our sparkling wine glasses, which make a stylish addition to every celebration or dining table. More about our sparkling wines glasses can be found on our page on the topic of sparkling wine glasses.
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