What makes bottles so great? Here's a brief introduction to the fascinating world of these useful vessels. Historically speaking, bottles are one of the greatest inventions of mankind.

For thousands of years, humans have stored and transported liquids and other goods in bottles originally made from clay or even wood. Its classic shape is what makes it so wonderfully practical: a small diameter and a height to match. The bottle began to conquer the world with the development of glass, which became the standard material for the airtight packaging of liquids. It was only when industrial developments such as aluminium cans or plastic came along that glass packaging began to experience a decline on the food market. However, glass bottles have recently been undergoing somewhat of a renaissance. Environmental concerns and growing consumer interest in health matters mean that glass packaging is once again becoming more widespread. Indeed, in some areas of life glass bottles never actually went away – partly for functional and partly for aesthetic reasons.
Setting the seal
Bottles achieve their impermeability thanks to their closure systems. The best-known solution for storing liquids in resealable bottles is of course the cork. As a natural product, cork is surely the most biological of all closures. Currently the most common closure type around, corks are still the preferred stopper in the wine industry. However, recent years, evolving consumer habits and an often considerable amount of faulty wine as the result of damaged cork have contributed to the popularisation of other closure systems. Cork’s biggest competitor: the screw cap.

For many years seen commonly in spirits bottles, Europe in particular has welcomed the twist-off cap as a great alternative to the classic cork. Less popular but still up-and-coming is the glass closure.
Glass as a packaging material
Glass as a packaging material has numerous, unbeatable advantages: it is 100 % inert so it does not release any substances whatsoever into its environment. Furthermore, in its tinted form it protects against harmful UV rays whilst simultaneously allowing consumers to view what’s inside it. You could even say it’s transparent. A huge benefit in an age when discerning consumers are keen to know what they’re consuming.
But that’s not all. Glass is also 100 % recyclable and thus a ‘circular’ raw material. After old glass is collected and melted, it can be remoulded into a new product. The material can also be used creatively. The most famous and most successful bespoke shape is probably the COCA-COLA bottle, for example. Customised bottle shapes, however, were long tied to large runs i.e. series productions and therefore usually exclusively the preserve of big international corporations. However, all that is a thing of the past. Cristallo UNICO makes it viable.

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Small quantities

This is a good time to tell you a secret about our flexibility as regards small and large quantities. We have given plenty of thought to what constitutes the biggest hurdles in creating a bespoke bottle. And we've come to the conclusion that it's mostly economic reasons – i.e. excessively large order quantities – that thwart great ideas. Another simple reason is space. Where is a small craft beer brewery or an up-and-coming young winery, an innovative oil mill or the new star in the sparkling wine sector going to find storage space for who knows how many thousands of bottles?

Store with us

Our storage service enables you to plan your annual requirements on an individual basis, as well as to retrieve your products at any time you like. Was your harvest smaller than expected or do you want to bottle a particular vintage? No problem. You can order the exact number of bottles you will need. We also provide this service for very small quantities of CRISTALLO Standard range products, and for even smaller quantities in CRISTALLO UNICO projects.


Lift your product out of the ordinary.

Selecting the right bottle shape is not just the final step in the creative process; it is a way to turn your vision into reality. At Cristallo we offer many more opportunities to make your product stand out from the crowd. It is often the little things that make the biggest difference; an attention to detail that raises a product from "good" to "outstanding". We are passionate about glass, and we want to share that passion with you. Let us help you make your product shine.


Admittedly, labels do look nice, but "nice" shouldn't be the standard to which your product aspires. Direct printing, on the other hand, looks outstanding, is incredibly versatile, can't be removed from the bottle and also survives exceptionally storage times.



Put your own stamp on the bottle. Embossing, as it's technically called, enables you to incorporate any relief or logo you can think of on the glass. Your product then boasts a very personal touch and looks fabulous to boot.



Do you have a favourite colour that you would like to see on your product? No problem! Thanks to customised bottle lacquering kwe can paint your product any shade you like. Whether matte or gloss, it's up to you what your bottle looks like. Down to the very last detail.

table finishing, embossing, print, storage

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The range

Of course, the CRISTALLO range also boasts standard products. However, these have little in common with the standards elsewhere. Our classic range stands out for its elegant, timeless lines and shapes, yet it is – and we place great value on this – extremely independent. Every single one of our products is selected exclusively for you in its original design. By this we mean a hand-picked range of special products in the glass packaging sector.

Our UNICO idea

CRISTALLO UNICO offers you one of the greatest benefits of all: complete individuality. Here is a unique chance to set yourself and your product even further apart from the crowd. And that is precisely the idea behind UNICO: bringing individualism to what is essentially a very homogeneous market; bringing ideas and visions to life together. The opportunity is here. We consider that a great advantage.

Colours and sizes

The decision process is not a process of elimination. If you need a certain bottle in a certain size or in several sizes, we can do it. Likewise with colours. Naturally we have a range of basic tones, but after deciding whether to go for either clear or dark glass there is still a whole world of choice out there in terms of design and shape.

Variety of closures

It's up to you how you seal your product. We simply help you to achieve your goal – i.e. the ideal cork, screw cap, glass or special closure for your product.

Standard advantages

Standard advantages
Advantages that we consider self-evident, but which we have learned to keep talking about. Our products are distinguished by the following:
- technical compatibility with your equipment
- high degree of break resistance and rigidity
- almost all bottles available with different finishes
- highest degree of security in delivery, and punctuality

The individual bottle? We create your very own bespoke bottle.
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