Tableware without glass? Unthinkable. That's why we offer genuine glass measures and inert (meaning that flavour remains unaltered) spray bottles for vinegars and oils, not to mention glass spice mills as well.

The advantages of glass spray bottles & spice mills
Glass spray bottles have the invaluable advantage of being totally inert. Glass is the only material that does not compromise or alter its contents in any way, unlike plastics, which emit odours and other substances. For expensive vinegars, oils and spices, understandably, this must be avoided at all costs. Glass is the only packaging material that is capable of preventing such an occurrence. And quite apart from any of this, there’s also the matter of visual appearance to consider.

A question of culture
Glass is the epitome of high quality and elegance. Glass is timelessly stylish and considerably superior to all plastics, haptically speaking. In addition, glass is washable and more resistant to scratches and other signs of wear. But even so, our spray bottles and spice mills are a showstopper on any table or in any kitchen ‒ including live cooking demonstrations ‒ thanks to their chic design.
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(1) What are the advantages of a measure?

The basic idea of a measure is simple: used correctly, you get exactly the same amount of liquid from the bottle every time. When hosting several guests, you can quickly fill all glasses with the same measure. And besides, a measure proves extremely useful when preparing mixed drinks.


(2) Proper maintenance for measures

As it can be a little fiddly trying to clean the narrow, crooked parts of a measure, there are specially designed brushes for the purpose. Specially made dust caps also protect against bugs and prevent dust from gathering.

The individual bottle? We create your very own bespoke bottle.
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