Corks, gripping corks, screw-tops, pourers, glass closures or other special formats such as flip-top caps ‒ the number of formats is practically endless. And it’s precisely these ‘jewels in the crown’, these sophisticated seals, that make your product look so damn good. But that’s not all they do: they also show that your product is important to you, and that you’ve taken the time to plan your packaging right through from the finish to the base.


The vast choice of closure systems and designs available requires not only good taste on your part. It also requires the technical expertise to know which system guarantees optimum impermeability whilst harmonising perfectly with the bottle shape you have selected. Seal and bottle are a team.
We have spent a number of years dealing intensively with the subject of closures and customising them for bottles. This experience has helped us create our range: flexibility as regards quantity, reliability and product compatibility, impermeability and of course design all had a great influence on the selection.
Here you will find our bestsellers – great partners to our range of bottles and giving you the greatest possible freedom in designing your product just as you like. If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for among those shown here, please contact us straightaway. Because we simply can’t let that stand.
We always like to give you the opportunity to prove your dedication, and are more than happy to help you showcase your product in the best possible light.


The closure on the bottle
Vinolok Classic
Vinolok Edge
Vinolok Premium
T-Shape Aluminium
T-Shape Materia
T-Shape Wood
T-Shape Synthetic
T-Shape Sughera
All Transparent
T-Shape Heavy Metal
T-Shape Glass
Gipy Aluminium
T-Shape Plastic
Gipy Wood
Et Voilà Classic
Et Voilà Mono
Et Voilà Naked S
One-Way Gipy Pourer
One-Way Pop Closure
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Natural cork
This is probably one of the oldest closures to be demonstrably airtight. Made from the wood of the cork oak, cork exists in varying degrees of quality. It is the length in particular that determines the grade. High-quality cork is a very cost-intensive type of closure. Its strength lies in its naturalness and the fact that wines sealed with cork, for example, can keep ageing inside the bottle. How this goes with alternative closures is still a matter of wild conjecture. Cork closures can be found predominantly in winegrowing. Whether red, white or sparkling wine, natural cork still dominates the market above all in Romanic vineyard regions. Cork is also used in the spirits fields as well as in the oil and vinegar segment. It is finding increasing popularity in big beer bottles.
Reference: HarkampCrown cork
One of the classics. It has long been used to seal the most popular drink among Germans and Austrians – beer. Airtight, food-safe and reasonably priced, it is somewhat of a miracle that crown cork has not become more widespread. This may likely be an image problem. Strictly speaking, however, there is almost more to be said for this sealing system than against it.
Reference: Toni Bräu

Screw cap
Used for decades in the high-quality spirits segment the twist-off or screw cap long ago found its way into popular use. Particularly in winegrowing, central Europe reacted to the huge failures caused by

poor cork years. Thus, today, wines featuring screw caps are no longer a rarity, but completely socially acceptable. Starting in gastronomy, this practical sealing system has made its way into the climate cabinets and fridges of countless wine enthusiasts. In addition to the aforementioned spirits field, screw caps are also happily used in non-alcoholic drinks as well as in the oil and vinegar segment.
Reference: Zweiger
Glass stopper
Secured by a food-safe silicone seal, the glass stopper has been used to seal wines, vinegars and also spirits for quite some time. Its advantages lie in the fact that it is easy to use, easy to reseal, and it looks good too. There is a good reason why wines from renowned vineyards now offer bottles featuring glass closures. The initial question of airtightness has been dealt with, and scepticism from among the clientele has also dissipated. In short, there’s nothing standing in the way of the glass stopper as it marches onward. Its target groups are high-quality products with a corresponding aesthetic. The packaged creation should however manage without carbon dioxide.
Reference: HochstrasserSpecial closures
From swing-top caps to stoppers, we have a wide range of special closures. There are barely any limits to creativity here as virtually all our bottles are available with different finishes. Ergo: your wish is our challenge.


The individual bottle? We create your very own bespoke bottle.
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