Weinmanufaktur Clemens Strobl

Originally in marketing, Linz-based Clemens Strobl has been a successful winegrower since 2009. Reducing his success to good advertising, however, wouldn’t be doing justice to this champion of organic winegrowing. Strobl is a winegrower out of pure passion and is always on the hunt for the most exquisite taste sensation. At his production facility in Feuersbrunn am Wagram, he makes typical regional wines brimming with character, which can be spotted in the hottest restaurants around the globe.  


Wine Bottle

Client: Winegrower Clemens Strobl

Bottle shape RENANA MALIZIA & BURGUNDY OLD STROBL (bespoke shape)
For the Riesling Pfaffenberg, we went back to basics with the Renana Malizia, but the second bottle shape is a customised design produced specifically for the client. In both cases, a 360-degree screen print ensures huge visual appeal all round.

  • 750 ml
  • Dark glass
  • UV screen printing, 360 degrees
  • Round bottle base
Clemens Strobl wins awards left, right and centre. Not only for his wine itself, but also for the packaging design: every bottle, for example, has won the Red Dot Award for top design quality.