Harkamp sparkling wine

Thanks to Hannes Harkamp, southern Styria can call itself a real centre of excellence for sparkling wine. Some years ago, the vintner decided to renovate the Villa Hollerbrand in Seggauberg, originally built in 1897. Since then it has served as a sparkling wine cellar. He uses the traditional method of bottle fermentation, also employed in champagne. As such, he deliberately avoids tank fermentation and the artificial addition of carbon dioxide, which can subsequently be perceived in the excellent quality of his sparkling wine.
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Sparkling wine bottle

Client: Hannes Harkamp

The name "butterfly" may suggest a delicate, fragile thing, but this bottle is a real heavyweight. Very robust and resistant.

  • 750 ml
  • dark glass
  • conical design
  • special deep base
  • 850 g bottle weight
harkamp-sektflasche, Sektflasche, Harkamp
Excitement andflavour
As a long-established Styrian vineyard, why do you place such strong emphasis on sparkling wines?
"Because we like to drink it ourselves, and because the special lightness and dynamism accentuated by our location in the Sausal mountain range comes out beautifully in sparkling wine."

Is it true you only process your own grapes?
"Yes, because we firmly believe in them. We want to know the quality of the ingredients we use, and without the perfect basic wine you can't produce high-quality German sparkling wine by means of traditional bottle fermentation."  

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harkamp-sektflasche-boden, Sektflasche, Harkamp

Key word "high quality": your top product, the Brut Reserve, is filled in a bottle you designed yourself.
"We wanted something that resembled the original champagne bottles as closely as possible in look and feel."

And have you achieved your goal?
"Absolutely. The bottle is unique and positions our top product clearly and unmistakeably. Just as you can identify our Brut Reserve by its taste, you can also identify our bottles a mile off. It has been really successful, thanks to CRISTALLO."

More information about this and other sparkling wines from Villa Hollerbrand can be found on the Weinguts Harkamp website or in the video we filmed on our visit.

harkamp-sektflasche-verschluss, Sektflasche, Harkamp