Glass Drinking Straws 23cm

T 300
4-pack set



> protects the environment
> dishwasher-safe
> 23 cm long
> extra-robust
> incl. cleaning brush


Why should you choose glass drinking straws for your bar, restaurant or home? Well, they are environmentally-friendly, prevent waste, and are healthier than any other alternative, as glass is inert and does not leach any substances into its environment (as virtually all other packaging materials do). They are also dishwasher-safe and come in a set complete with cleaning brush. Available in different lengths to suit different types of glasses (other lengths: 15 cm, 20 cm). Glass drinking straws come in a set of 50.

€ 14.90

Sales unit: 4-pack set | € 14.90 / unit | incl. VAT
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