“Pannonian” is how you might describe the Baerenman wine site, located as it is in the former Roman province of Pannonia between the Austrian Alps and the Hungarian lowlands. The company has dedicated itself to the production of high-calibre spirits that honour their origin whilst fostering a cosmopolitan appearance. Classic craftsmanship with a touch of modernity is to be found on the distillery website, reflected in the products themselves. Successfully so, in our opinion.



Client: Mag. Markus Gselmann

Bottle shape: DIABOLO
"We were particularly concerned about achieving coherence." That was the bottom line from Markus Gselmann, from client Baerenman Rum & Gin. And we did exactly that: firstly through the coating (matt black), and secondly through the many small details printed on the bottle in a 360-degree screen printing process. Blank spaces in the finish allow the extra white bottle colour ‒ and a little bit of the contents ‒ to shine through.

  • 700 ml
  • Matt black coating
  • 360-degree UV screen printing
  • Partial blank spaces in the finishing