„Bassena“ – a new coup from the Österreichisches Verkehrsbüro. Young and urban, with a focus on the city hotel scene and a relaxed, feel-good character. Its name is inspired by the French and Italian word for a water dispenser, something that can be found in every hotel with a traditional touch. The first hotel of the new brand opened its doors in spring 2020 – the BASSENA Wien Messe Prater. The representational bottle is designed as a complimentary gift for guests.



Client: Österreichisches Verkehrsbüro

Bottle shape: BESPOKE
It was about creating a classic-looking, practical water bottle that was suitable for use on a city break, yet radiated style and turned heads. Our tried-and-tested UNICO process ultimately produced a result that we, the client and the client's client are all very happy with.

bespoke shape_EN
  • 750 ml
  • Bespoke bottle shape
  • Embossing with logo and grooved structure
  • Partial lacquering on the shoulder