Wiesmeier organic orchard

Specialising in apple growing, the Obsthof Wiesmeier was established in 2008. In the meantime, the range of organically manufactured products has expanded considerably. Excellent reason to surpass the range of packaging. So that’s when we stepped in.



Client: Distillery Wiesmeier

The WIESMEIER is a PURO bottle that needed to do justice to the special requirements of the Wiesmeier family. We succeeded with a couple of interventions. With its dual colour UV screen printing and extra-white glass, the bottle not only meets all visual requirements, but also ensures that the WIESMEIER family's production process remains stable and reliable.

  • 350 ml
  • Dual-colour UV screen printing
  • Extra-white glass
Since it started in 2008, the WIESMEIER organic orchard has worked consistently to implement its organic philosophy in everything from cultivation to processing methods to bottling. In 2010 all conceivable apple-based products appeared on the shelves of the farm shop. The selection ranges from juices and musts to cider, frizzante and syrup to their own Hugo cocktail.

It's well worth visiting the farm shop in any case: