Bio Planete

The Oil Mill Moog is the home of Bio Planète Oil. True organic pioneers, as Moog Oil Mill has borne the title of “first organic oil mill” since 1984.
“For over 35 years, we have exclusively used organically grown oil seeds. It is our firm belief that food isn’t just something
on the plate in front of us; it is something that passes a sentence on the living standards of the generations to come,” it says on the website.
And we think that says it all!



Client: Bio Planète - Ölmühle Moog GmbH

Bottle shape: BESPOKE
A bottle that can offer its contents optimum UV protection was the core task of this project. This requirement lead us to create a bespoke bottle shape in our "antique" glass colour. An embossed base completed the overall look of this packaging.

bespoke shape_EN
  • 100 ml content
  • Bespoke shape bottle
  • Embossing on the base
  • 99 % UV protection thanks to the glass colour "antique"