Fandler natural oil

The Fandler oil mill in Pöllau looks back on a family tradition spanning nine decades. Ninety years is plenty of time to master a handicraft, perhaps even to revolutionise it a little. Particularly when the secret to producing the perfect oil in its purest form is carefully passed down from generation to generation. Today, Julia Fandler heads the now well-established oil company. Her great-grandfather laid the foundation for this success story in 1926 by purchasing the Pöllauer oil mill.

Oil bottle

Client: Fandler


  • 100 ml
  • dispensing closure
  • elegant bottle height
  • perfect UV protection
The Fandler family lets Nature take its course, giving the raw materials just the right time to achieve the ideal ripeness. This produces the finest aromatic and pure oils in the hilly landscapes of the Pöllauer Valley.

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