A distillate made from black tea? Yep, that’s the essence of FARADAI. A bespoke bottle from our house provides the appropriate packaging for this completely new style of drink. In addition to the exciting black tea base, the blossoms of the paracress plant ensure a touch of aromatic exoticism. This blossom originates in Asia and is not widely known in these parts. A shame, since flavour-wise what comes out of the FARADAI bottle is well worth experiencing. Successful, we’d say.

Spirits bottle

Client: 9 Volt UG

Bottle shape PURO
Based on our PURO bottle, FARADAI is a bespoke bottle in extra-white glass with the highest possible degree of purity.

  • 500 ml
  • Bespoke bottle
  • Extra-white glass
9 Volt UGFaradai
Those who like things neat are probably best off classifying the Faradai under GIN. In any case, this product is so extraordinary both flavour-wise and in terms of visual appearance that it would be hard to "classify" anyway.

You can do a lot with FARADAI. The friends of Delicious Berlin have put together a few tips here.

Further information is available on the manufacturer's website ... we would describe the three lads behind FARADAI rather more as inventors: Faradai range