Forstner Bräu

In 2000, the small town of Kalsdorf, south of Graz, became home to a remarkable brewery today known as the Handbrauerei Forstner (formerly the Hof-Bräu Kalsdorf). Former optician and organic farmer Gerhard Forster has brewed some of the best and most extraordinary craft beers in Austria in what used to be a school building. Such examples include the “Lucky Ginger”, “Hot Beer” with chilli, or the renowned “Styrian Ale”.

Beer bottle

Client: Brauerei Forstner

Bottle shape BIRRA TOSCA
Beer from a champagne bottle? It can be fone! The BIRRA TOSCA bottle made from dark glass is a real eye-catcher among beer enthusiasts.

  • 330 ml
  • dark glass
  • perfect UV protection
  • champagne-esque design
  • slender, long neck
It's safe to say that each one is a breathtaking taste experience, which every beer aficionado needs to try at least once.

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