Ginnlich – Hamburg Dry Gin

This exclusive dry gin is not only a pleasure for the palate,
but also a statement for sustainability and quality.


Client: SBD Getränke GbR

Bottle shape: PARIS
The bottle of Ginnlich Gin is a 700 ml Model Paris made of recycled glass in the glass color Aquamarina. This environmentally friendly choice underlines Ginnlich's commitment to sustainability and the protection of our environment. The aquamarine color gives the bottle a refreshing and maritime aesthetic.

  • 700 ml content
  • Bottle shape Paris
  • recycled glass
  • Color Aquamarina
More aboutGinnlich
The closure of the Ginnlich Gin is a T-Shape Wood closure made of natural beech, reflecting the Nordic flair of Hamburg. This closure is not only functional, but also symbolizes the connection between nature and craftsmanship. Visit the official Ginnlich website at to find out more about this exceptional gin.