BB Gin

Who can claim to have filled the first “Made in Austria” whisky? Well, the Haider family from the Waldviertel region can. Fascinated by the fine rye distillate, in 1995 the company decided to open the first whisky distillery in Austria without further ado. Since then, plenty of work and passion has gone into developing the whisky visitor centre, which gives you a full taste of this exquisite spirit.

Gin bottle

Client: Haider Roggenhof

Bottle shape PHOENIX
The striking, angular shoulders of the 700 ml gin bottle makes it a real eye-catcher. The extra-white glass perfectly complements the remarkable design.

  • 700 ml
  • extra-white glass
  • round bottle base
  • angular shoulders
  • closure GPI 33
BB GINDestillerie Haider
But whisky isn't the only distillate produced by the Haider family. Schnapps, gin and liqueurs are also made to excellent standards. The joy of producing top-quality brandies can be tasted in every last drop.

More information at Destillerie Haider-Roggenhof