Krispel – Wermut

The Krispel vermouth is a tribute to the art of distillation and the passion for first-class wines and aromas.
The unique style of the Krispel winery also comes to life in this vermouth and in its packaging.
A perfect combination of tradition and innovation.


Client: Krispel winery

Bottle shape: BESPOKE
The bottle is a Bordeaux eruption-style bottle with a capacity of 750 ml. This bottle was chosen to combine the uniqueness of the product with its origin in south-eastern Styria. The eye-catching feature of this bottle is the 360-degree screen print, which adorns it with an artful design and aims to evoke the history and heritage of the Krispel winery.

bespoke shape_EN
  • 750 ml content
  • 360-degree screen print
More aboutKrispel
The Krispel website offers more information about the producer and the vermouth itself. You can learn more about the history of the Krispel winery and the artisanal production of the vermouth.