Lavender oil

Ever since 2006, Johannes Pinterits is to be found every October and November on the vast saffron fields in Klingenbach in the Burgenland region. Together with the “Pannonischer Safran” working community, he is there to revive an old Austrian tradition, as the Burgenland was once a renowned saffron-producing area. Johannes Pinterits also produces excellent fine root oils that burst with unique flavour.

Oil bottle

Client: Johannes Pinterits

Bottle Shape PINTERITS
With its long neck and slender shape, the PINTERITS lavender oil bottle resembles a wine bottle rather than an oil bottle. But that's precisely where its charm lies.

  • 100 ml
  • Customised design
  • High cylindrical design
  • Colour "antique" for perfect UV protection
LAVENDER OILJohannes Pinterits
Just a few drops of this precious essential oil is enough to bestow a striking fragrance on any dish.

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