Mary White

Sophie Gheysens and Thomas Baert are among the crème de la crème of the Belgian spirits industry ‒ and the same also goes for their products. These two work their magic at the Deluxe Distillery in the Belgian town of Kortrijk: whether the gins “Blind Tiger” and “Bonnie and Clyde”, or the vodka “Mary-White”, this spirits company is synonymous with top quality, connoisseur pleasure and extraordinary luxury drinks that no self-respecting bar of today should be without.



Client: Deluxe Distillery

Bottle shape ERA
A 360-degree UV screen print ensures the brilliant white, sophisticated marble design. Hot-foil stamping was used to accentuate the gold of the logo to perfection.

Bottle shape: ERA "Good design melds the elements that belong together without eroding the differences between them. This premise is perfectly embodied in these gins: the coating (pink-matt or black-matt) on one hand, and all the small details printed on the bottle using 360-degree screen printing on the other. The embossed logo on the closure adds a touch of exclusivity.
  • 500 ml
  • Brilliant white coating thanks to UV screen printing
  • Hot-foil stamping
In memory ofa legend
The vodka contains absolutely no glycerine or sugar and is a homage to the legendary Mary White. In the Prohibition age, White made her mark in a male-dominated world and is still regarded as the "true smuggler queen" among many kings even today.