Packaging & cardboard boxes

The trappings

Glass is our element. 100%. But this doesn’t stop us from having an in-depth knowledge of other fields as well.
Such as packing & cardboard boxes. Fittingly, both fields that relate to your new glass packaging.



The perfectouter packaging
So your glass packaging is finished, filled and ready to be sent off to the client. Preferably not as a single piece. Which means you'll need some outer packaging. Let's call it a box, for the sake of ease. So you see: we try to map the entire packaging chain. And as we've been doing it for years, we also have the necessary experience. A box must meet numerous requirements. Looking good is important, but not as important as the following quality criteria:

  • stability
  • high protective function against breakage
  • ideal storability
  • flexibility in material grade
  • quick availability
  • comprehensive designability
  • variable sizing
It's pointless to mention that all our boxes satisfy these demands. We ensure stability by choosing the right material. In turn, this depends strongly on the loading weight as well as transport and storage conditions. The protective function of a box also depends on the material and its construction. What are the seams like, where are the flaps and what are the dimensions? The storability of a box is influenced by its shape when flat i.e. non-assembled. It is important to consider storage options in construction too. On one hand, the material grade affects the box's stability as well as its weight; on the other, it also affects storability. Not every box is made for any old storage environment. Rapid availability is essential if something unexpected happens. And if that should happen, we're prepared for it.


By comprehensive designability, we mean that there are almost no bounds to your creativity or the ingenuity of your agency. We all want to see the most coherent, beautiful, exciting, interesting, funny packaging possible.

And finally: Who said that glass bottles all have to be the same? No one. Certainly not us. The same applies to the boxes that we offer. Provided they meet the technical conditions, you can make what you like. Because at the end of the day, a high degree of individuality is part of our ethos.