Polz sparkling wine

The family-run Polz winery enjoys an optimum location in southern Styria, more specifically Spielfeld. Established in 1912 and now in its third generation, owners Erich and Walter Polz have been cultivating a wide variety of grapes on the rolling hills of the Grassnitzberg. They use the experience gained through a century of winegrowing to produce the finest quality wines. Not only that, but their very own sparkling wines also proudly bear the name of Polz.

Sparkling wine bottle

Client: Weingut Polz

Bottle shape Champagner Classica
The traditional champagne silhouette with dark glass is fully in tune with the label design, making it possible to see what the content has to offer.

  • 750 ml
  • very dark glass
  • special resistance to internal pressure
  • traditional champagne silhouette
polz-sektflasche, Sekt, Sektflasche, Polz
German sparkling winePolz
Using the "méthode traditionnelle", the Polz family's sparkling wine is fermented directly in the bottle, giving the various varieties their unique and fine flavour.

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polz-sektflasche-hals, Sekt, Sektflasche, Polz