In the mid 1990s, Uwe Schiefer decided that his days as a sommelier and waiter in Vienna were numbered. He attended the wine academy in Rust and tried his hand as a vintner in the Südburgenland region. He has been cultivating his red grape varieties in the Eisenberg region ever since, and is now one of the leading vineyards in Austria. Uwe Schiefer specialises in the production of Blaufränkisch. A notable feature of the wines is the high mineral content, which stems from the high iron content in the soil.

Red wine bottle

Client: Schiefer

Big, robust and dark, the BURGUNDER SUPREME bottle is certainly one of the most striking wine bottles in our range. The bottle base was embossed for the Schiefer vineyard.

  • 750 ml
  • "Schiefer" embossed
    on the bottle base
  • special band finish
  • dark glass
  • special deep base
Uwe Schiefer's red wines are among the best in Austria. He deliberately avoids the use of new technologies in wine production, preferring to trust his old vines, the perfect sunny location and simply letting Nature take its course. And Nature returns the favour by yielding supremely delicious wines.

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