Toni Bräu

Erika Hofer has been brewing one of Austria’s most natural beers since 2002, with strong support from her family. The beer “Toni Bräu” is produced in the small town of Ebersdorf, and avoids filtration and pasteurisation in the production process. This means that all natural substances remain in the end product.

Beer bottle

Client: Privatbrauerei Familie Hofer

Bottle shape BIRRA AIDA
Classic beer bottle design meets modern shapes. The content is perfectly protected against UV rays thanks to the dark glass.

  • 330 ml
  • dark glass colour
  • perfect UV protection
  • elegant design
Toni BräuKleinbrauerei Hofer
This healthy (if enjoyed in moderation) organic beer supplies the body with important minerals, trace elements, zinc, iron and all manner of other important nutrients. Beer has never been so healthy.

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