Weidenauer Whisky

For three generations, “hard liquor” has been produced at the Weidenauer family farm in the Lower Austrian town of Leopold (Waldviertel). While grandfather and father distilled exclusively for their own purposes, Oswald Weidenauer turned his passion for distilling into a profession, making quite a name for himself among expert circles. In addition to his multi-award-winning fruit brandies, this agriculturalist’s spelt and oat whiskies have been making a splash around the world since 1997.



Client: Destillerie Weidenauer

Bottle shape ICE
The matt coating of the bottle creates an appealing look and feel. The striking motif – a farmer sowing – is beautifully emphasised by the 3-colour UV screen print, with a pleasingly grand effect.

  • 500 ml
  • matt coating
  • 3-colour UV screen print
In the vault where the cattle used to be housed is a 150 litre, copper bain-marie still, where Oswald Weidenauer produces his distillates. The grain whisky is stored for at least three years in "toasted" French and local oak barrels, before being sold, or left for a few more months in a mulberry cask. Slainté!

More info: www.weidenauer.at