Prieler vineyard

20 hectares on Schützener Stein in the heart of a conservation area – the site of the Prieler family ‘s labours for over 150 years. “Nature sets the pace” is the motto at the Prieler establishment. Year after year, the wines – mainly Burgundy varieties – demonstrate that this is an entirely good idea, because year after year they succeed in bringing the character of the region to the glass.

Bespoke shape bottle

Client: Prieler vineyard

Bespoke bottle shape Prieler
We describe the Prieler family bottle as the "Burgundy Barolo", having been inspired by precisely these wines. An impressive packaging which reveals the depth of the wine in unopened condition.

  • 750 ml
  • Bespoke design
  • Dark glass colour
  • 750 g bottle weight
In the heart ofthe conser-
vation area

More information on the winery, west of Lake Neusiedl, can be found at