Rainer Wess vineyard

Those who make wine at an address steeped in history such as “KREMSER SANDGRUBE” (Sandgrube terraces in Krems) may justifiably call themselves a “traditional vineyard” even though the business is still young. Rainer Wess founded his winery in 2003 and has been busy in the centuries-old building in Krems since 2009.

Rhine wine bottle

Client: Rainer Wess vineyard

Bottle shape RENANA CLUB
The “Rainer Wess” is a Rhine wine bottle whose shape we designed alongside the man who gives the bottle his name. Slender, elegant and exuding lightness whilst never compromising on gravitas. We have definitely achieved these goals with this custom-made bottle.

  • 750 ml
  • 550 g bottle weight
  • Dark glass colour
  • Individual design
The vineyards are often situated on the fine terraces around Krems and Wachau. No wonder that Wess wines quickly find their way into the cellars of local (and international) connoisseurs of Veltliner and Riesling.

More information on the winery can be found here