Schauer vineyard

Schauer vineyard – a name synonymous with typical regional wines from the Styrian Sausal. And Stefan & Bernhard Schauer wanted their bottles as typical as his wines.


Burgundy bottle

Client: Schauer vineyard

Bottle shape LIBERTY ECO
The 550 g heavy Burgundy bottle in ANTIQUE stands out for the embossing of the name on the base, as well as for its contours.

  • 750 ml
  • Embossing "Schauer" on the base of the bottle
  • Dark glass
  • 550 g bottle weight
Traditionsince 1757
And those who bring passion into making wine on the steep slate slopes of Sausal (100 % handcrafted – one would expect no less) also turn their individual visions of the wine bottle into reality. More info at