Stadt Krems vineyard

In operation for over 550 years, the vineyard in the town of Krems is one of Europe’s oldest winegrowing businesses. Significant, then, that even such a traditional business at this (Krems is also in the select circle of traditional vineyards) decided to go for a totally newfangled bottle.

Bespoke shape bottle

Client: Stadt Krems vineyard

Bespoke bottle shape Stadt Krems
The “Stadt Krems” bottle is a completely new development. In addition to numerous technical requirements, “Stadt Krems” was also conceived based on the client's vision. Happily, we were able to implement the design in harmony with all the technical restrictions.

  • 750 ml
  • Bespoke shape
  • Dark glass colour
  • 600 g bottle weight
In the wine businessfor over 550 years

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