Stagård vineyard

You can comfortably describe Urban Stagård as one of the “Junge Wilde”. But he still works at a vineyard that used to be known rather more as a “Heuriger” (this year’s wine).Its uncompromising quality standards and great adherence to the wine style have, however, sent the popularity
of the vineyard Stagård soaring in the last few years. In this respect you can’t really say that this Krems-based business is a “secret” tip any more.

Bordeaux bottle

Client: Stagård vineyard

One of our Bordeaux shapes formed the starting point for this project's design journey. The result is a completely independent bottle shape, which clearly expresses the style of Stagård wines in harmony with the label design.

  • 750 ml
  • Dark glass colour
  • 600 g bottle weight
  • Bespoke design
Organic winesfrom Stein an der Donau

Further information on the Stagård winery from Krems is available at