Thaller vineyard

The Thaller family has worked 25 hectares for more than 30 years at their very own little palace. Karl Thaller is pretty much Styria’s pioneer of red wine. He was already using tanning compounds when others were still committed to the pure primary aroma.

Bespoke shape bottle

Client: Thaller vineyard

Bespoke bottle shape Thaller
The “Thaller” is a bespoke creation. With an initial vision of what the bottle should look like, the technical specifications, composition of the glass, finish and closure system were all adapted to suit the client's wishes. It really couldn't be more one-of-a-kind. The vintner's initials T and K are still in evidence on the bottle shoulder.

  • 750 ml
  • Bespoke shape
  • 750 g bottle weight
  • Embossing "TK" on the bottle shoulder
  • Dark glass colour
Thaller winesare highly sought after
An uncompromising path has paid off.
Today Thaller wines are widely known and sought after. So we're all the more delighted about this totally unique bottle shape.

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