Yusibi – Honey Based Aperitif

„Yusibi – Honey Based Aperitif“ ” is an exclusive treat from the Deluxe Distillery.
This aperitif is characterized by its unique combination of honey and
exquisite ingredients that offer an unforgettable taste experience.


Client: Deluxe Destillery

Bottle shape: MANILA
The bottle of the fine Yusibi aperitif is a 700 ml manila bottle in an extra-white color. But what makes this bottle so special is the elaborate decoration, which turns it into a true work of art. The bottle is finished with an opaque coating that not only offers protection but also a luxurious look. The highlight of the bottle is the hot foil stamping. This gives the bottle an incomparable shine and sublime elegance. In addition, a detailed screen print was used to print the brand logo and other information about the aperitif on the bottle.

  • 700 ml content
  • hot foil stamping
  • opaque coating
More aboutYusibi
The closure of the Yusibi aperitif is a T-Shape aluminum cap, which is not only functional, but also rounds off the overall appearance of the bottle. You can find out more about the Yusibi Honey Based Aperitif and the Deluxe Distillery on the official website at www.deluxedistillery.com.