Perfection neat

In 1998 the Zweiger family decided to convert the cellars of a one hundred-year-old stable in the rural Mooskirchen area into a modern distillery. This was the birth of many fine brandies and liqueurs. Their blend of traditional handicraft and state-of-the-art distillery apparatus yields impressive brandies and an incomparable flavour.

Whisky bottle

Client: Zweiger

Bottle shape CALLISTO
With a rare mix of elegant curves and angular edges, the CALLISTO bottle is a unique designer item. In addition it offers plenty of space and is extremely robust.

  • 500 ml
  • extra-white glass
  • curved bottle base
  • angular design
The Zweiger family attaches great value to getting the natural fruity aromas into the bottle as unadulterated as possible, and with no artificial additives. Nature in its purest form.

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