Poldina Pro Pink

LD0280R3 (series Poldina)


> rechargeable
> 2.2 LED watts in 3000K light colour
> > 9 hours light
> dimmable LED light
> easy to switch on and off
> for indoors or out


The Poldina Pro – available in six different, on-trend colours: blue, orange, pink, rust, sage green and white – is the very first lamp in our range. Charge by USB for nine hours of dimmable LED light, suitable for reading and working. Simply tap the lamp head to switch on or to dim Poldina. It emits a bright white light of 3000 Kelvin. A practical 1.2 m charging cable is included with it.

€ 129.00

Sales unit: 1 unit | € 129.00 / unit | incl. VAT