Poldina Pro Sage Green

LD0280G3 (series Poldina)


> rechargeable
> 2.2 LED watts in 3000K light colour
> 9 hours light
> dimmable LED light
> easy to switch on and off
> for indoors or out


Introducing the Poldina Pro, the first lamp in our range. Nine hours of warm light (3000 Kelvin) to read or work by, rechargeable via USB, and easy to operate by tapping on the lamp head. Sounds great, right? The lamp can be used indoors or out, and adapts well to any situation. This is all largely thanks to its appearance: Poldina boasts six trendy colour tones: blue, orange, pink, rust, sage green and white. Making it a perfect fit in any environment.

€ 158.00

Sales unit: 1 unit | € 158.00 / unit | incl. VAT