VoiGuat grape seed oil

What happens when an engineer buys a farm in southern Styria? Exactly: he brings two more engineers with him and founds a company under the powerful name of “VoiGuat” to produce high-quality cooking oils. What, never heard anything like it? To be honest, neither had we until we had the pleasure of meeting these three entrepreneurs from Leutschach. Since discovering their love of nature, they have been producing the purest grape seed oil from selected grape seeds.

Oil bottle

Client: VoiGuat

Very small and yet so precious - the memorable WILLY NEW DOP immediately draws the eye due to the fact that the shoulder is marginally broader than the neck.

  • 100 ml
  • square base
  • round shoulder
  • special DOP dispensing closure
  • perfect UV protection
Grape seed oilVoiGuat
People say that a grape seed oil only tastes right when it reflects the character of the grape variety. If you don't believe this, try for yourself: the young entrepreneurs are now offering six different varieties of grape seed oil.

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