Many advanced civilisations – Egyptian, Persian, Roman, Greek and Babylonian – were already manufacturing vinegar in ancient times. They would sometimes fill it in vinegar bottles produced specifically for the purpose. In consequence, vinegar is certainly one of the oldest essences in mankind.

Elegant shapes for the finest specialities
Today, the finest vinegars are considered a delicatessen and their prices reflect this. Aside from the fact that a vinegar bottle must protect its contents and feature a fully airtight closure, it also plays a key role in the product’s image and therefore how it is priced. Like all bottles found in the kitchen or on the dining table, the question of handling is also important. How and if such a bottle is comfortable to hold is a key factor when it comes to selecting the shape.

To each vinegar its own bottle
As with oil bottles, almost anything goes when it comes to vinegar bottles. As a rule, vinegar bottles are somewhat on the small side with very precious contents. This is partly due to the product price and partly because vinegar is only used in small doses – considerably easier with smaller containers. Large vinegar bottles suggest a condiment of lower quality. Vinegar bottles also need to be closed well. Cork closures, grip stoppers and screw caps are currently the most common varieties, each of which can be used in our range of vinegar bottles.
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