22 Dec
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House Selection: Show a Drop Of Class With The Right Packaging

More and more restaurants are offering their own wine ranges. Guests view this exclusive selection as a kind of quality seal that puts certain restaurateurs head and shoulders above the competition. As a glass packaging producer, Cristallo therefore takes on an important function.

In addition to content and design, packaging plays a key role in scoring highly on individuality. Increasing numbers of drinks manufacturers are therefore abiding by our philosophy: “Fine packaging for fine products”. With Cristallo Unico, we turn our clients’ ideas and visions into reality: the unique design process guarantees that their products will stand out from the crowd and that bon vivants will happily buy them.

Beautifully packaged – beautifully sold
In the supermarket, people tend to reach for products that look nicer or are packaged in a more appealing way. In some wine ranges, the packaging design is even more vital: it gives the restaurant a personal touch and represents a kind of quality feature for guests. In addition, the attractively designed bottles are a welcome gift for special occasions.

Achieving individuality – in a team
When thinking about a house selection, plan for the long term. It takes time to find the right partners and resolve all the outstanding questions. You’ll need to consider the flavour and storage of the wines and set your price, design and bottle quantity. And of course, all this requires some great team work: together, vintners, bottle retailers, designers and suppliers will make your selection something very special. Cristallo is proud to be part of this kind of group, bringing our many years of experience into the mix. If you need support or have a few questions about conception, let us know. We are happy to help!

Schwarzes Kameel opts for selected wines
At the renowned star-rated restaurant “Zum Schwarzen Kameel” in Vienna, guests have long enjoyed the finest quality house selection. The latest wine is a Riesling Smaragd “Loibenberg Obere Parzellen” from the Domäne Wachau vineyard.

We developed and produced the matte black bottle together with the customer, based on the Cristallo Unico design process.

If you’d like a peek into how we bottle these fine wines, please take a look at the following video. The beautiful panoramic vistas of the Loibenberg make the perfect accompaniment. Enjoy!


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