23 Apr
beer day

Beer Day at Cristallo

Beer Day didn’t come about arbitrarily. No – there’s a little bit of history behind it, courtesy of our northern neighbour. In 1516, the Beer Purity Law was passed by King Ludwig I. This decreed that German beer had to be produced entirely from natural ingredients such as water, malt, hops and yeast. The whole endeavour was of course to guarantee the quality of the beer, as back then a few additional ingredients were often served that in no way could be considered healthy.

Talking of quality… in the Middle Ages a quality inspection took quite a different approach. The beer in question was shaken onto a bench, upon which the inspectors had to sit for three hours in their leather trousers. If said trousers stuck to the bench upon standing up, the beer had passed the quality check.

Things today are rather different. After some 499 years, “Beer Day” became established, particularly in the German-speaking world and to this day bears testimony to the former Purity Law. Beer Day is celebrated internationally in August – of course we’ll tell you all about it.
The subject is very dear to Cristallo, as we are fortunate enough to count a few breweries among our clients who devote themselves to beer brewing with a great deal of passion. And we are happy to advise them on an ongoing basis regarding individual packaging.



But now you’ll still be asking:
What’s all this got to do with me? Well, we’ll tell you …

We want to mark the occasion of “Beer Day” with a little campaign. That’s why we cordially invite you to take a glass of beer with us at the office from today until Friday. Simply drop by and enjoy a cold beer.



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